Finekit offers services in designing, developing, and implementing hardware and software for real-time control use, as well as services related to small-scale manufacturing and trial production.
The company started out with the member who had designed electron-beam mastering systems for optical disk master, where information patterns were recorded onto master disks by utilizing a continuously moving stage with nanometer scale accuracies, controlled using FPGAs.

The combination of FPGA-based electrical circuits and the native implementation of firmware and upper-layer software by using an assembler and/or C/C++ languages enables small-resource implementation, time-critical control of motors, and real-time communication among machines and computers.

We also support fabrication of hardware equipment for VTubers and VR/game-related events.

Key Technologies

Custom-made FPGA circuit
Customized FPGA circuit design enables the creation of portable battery-powered devices available for time-critical use. The minimum circuit design with appropriate clock and interface selection contributes to minimum electric consumption and long battery life for mobile applications.
Combined design with servo motor drivers
Design of electric circuits combined with motor drivers enables the high-voltage power control necessary in many industrial machines. Improved noise immunity with the combined design contributes to the reliability of machine operations.
Streamlined architecture from circuit design to software design
Streamlined architecture enables flexible system design with reliable time-critical control that is free from the time fluctuation of OS-mediated signal processing.
Original G-code engine, STL rasterizer engine, Ethernet engine
Original NC machine control engines and communication engines enable collaborative control of NC machines over the Internet.
Fabrication and trial production using in-house NC machines
Our in-house NC machines enable speedy implementation and fabrication of hardware and fast improvement in trial design even with small-scale production.

Related business

We are engaged in building repair business using our in-house NC machines for large (2∼4 m) workpieces.
In building repair, old parts are often unavailable due to discontinued production by the original makers, so we are remaking the broken building parts with our NC machines.
This currently serves as the most profitable business in our company.

Last update Jan 28, 2024

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