Listed below is the software available hardware users along with software released or fabricated by Finekit since 2014.
Some of the tools are provided for free.
Please confirm the license of each software before using it.

Owned facilities/tools

The following facilities and tools are available to provide support or services for our customers.
For electric circuit design and development:
  • electric circuit CAD (DipTrace, Target3100, etc.)
  • USB 2.0 analyzer
  • heat bed system (for soldering reflow process)
  • oscilloscope (500-MHz analog bandwidth × 4 ch)
  • FPGA development tools and environment (Xilinx)
For software development:
  • C/C++ development tools (professional license)
  • GCC-based tool chain (for processing open source codes)
  • Arduino/Mbed-based tool chain (for general purposes)
For machining:
  • 5-axis CNC (+1 free external axis) (NC fraise)
  • 3-axis CNC (NC fraise)
  • manual milling cutter (fraise)
  • drill press
  • bandsaw (cutter, up to 80-mm thickness)
Hand-held tools:
  • circular saw (cutter, up to 57-mm thickness)
  • grinder tool (AC-powered)
  • shaving tool (AC-powered)


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